How to Play Mahjong: The Basic Rules of Solitaire Mahjong

Welcome to the exciting world of Solitaire Mahjong at, where everyone can embark on a unique journey through ancient traditions and modern technologies. This game, also known as Mahjong Solitaire, is an excellent way to develop attention and strategic thinking, offering players an interactive experience in logical puzzles.

The game board of this classic game is filled with tiles adorned with various symbols. The goal of Mahjong Solitaire is to carefully remove pairs of identical tiles. However, a tile must be open from the side and not covered by other tiles from above to be removable. Meticulous planning and a strategic approach to selecting tiles will help avoid dead-end situations and successfully clear the board.


In Mahjong Solitaire, players also encounter special 'Four Seasons' tiles. These unique game elements introduce variety into the standard gameplay and require players to conduct deep strategic analysis. Tiles can be matched with each other for removal, despite differences in symbols.


To become a master of Mahjong at, it's important to develop your attentiveness and strategic planning skills. Prioritizing the removal of tiles that will free up more new moves, and effectively using the unique 'Four Seasons' tiles will increase your chances of success.

Tips and Tricks for Comfortable Mahjong Gameplay

Before starting a game of Mahjong Solitaire, take enough time to thoroughly analyze the arrangement of tiles on the game board. This will help you identify optimal moves for a successful start. Pay special attention to unique Mahjong tiles, such as 'Seasons' and 'Flowers', as their proper utilization can significantly simplify the game.

When choosing pairs of tiles, it is wise to prefer those that maximize the opening of new tiles, thereby increasing your chances of successfully completing the game. At the same time, pairs that do not lead to the discovery of new tiles can be kept for later as a backup option for future moves.

If you encounter three tiles of the same type, choose the pair that opens up more new opportunities for subsequent moves. If there's a chance to quickly access the fourth tile, don't miss the opportunity to remove all four elements at once.

The situation with four unlocked identical tiles is quite rare, but if it occurs, do not hesitate to remove them immediately, as it can significantly facilitate the gameplay.

Tiles located along long horizontal lines can become a serious obstacle in your path. Therefore, try to remove them first to prevent potential difficulties in the future.

Also pay attention to high stacks of tiles. Dismantling them requires special attention, as two identical tiles may be found inside such stacks. If similar pairs are absent outside the stack, the task becomes more complicated, and you will need to demonstrate maximum dexterity and intelligence.

Do not forget about the features offered by, such as the ability to undo a move and use hints. These tools can be your reliable assistants during the game and help you achieve the best results in Mahjong Solitaire.

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Playing Mahjong at offers not just an interesting and exciting pastime, but also an excellent way to improve cognitive skills. Here, you can refine your logical thinking, planning, and visual perception. We invite you to discover this unique world of Mahjong Solitaire and dive into an exciting adventure at!