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Join the Tradition: Mahjong at

Mahjong is not just a game; it's a cultural heritage that dates back to the ancient depths of China. Born during the Qing Dynasty, the game of mahjong has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide. Its unique combination of strategy, calculation, and the element of chance makes mahjong a true test of mind and character. Over time, mahjong has undergone numerous changes, and its European adaptation has gained particular popularity, offering players new formats and layouts such as "Turtle", "Fish", "Butterfly", and many more.

At, you will find a unique embodiment of this classic game. We offer a wide range of layouts that allow you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the gameplay. From classic configurations to innovative and non-standard ones – everyone will find something for themselves here.

Playing mahjong at is not just a way to pass the time; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world where every move matters, and every victory brings deep satisfaction. Whether you are an experienced mahjong master or just beginning your journey, our site provides everything needed for a comfortable and exciting game.

We invite you to join the centuries-old tradition by playing mahjong at Discover a multitude of layouts, enjoy thoughtful design, and dive into a world of strategy and luck. Your next adventure in the world of mahjong begins here!

How to play mahjong

  • Rule 1

    rule 1

    Look for a pair of matching tiles and click both to remove it. Once you remove all pairs and clear the board you solve the mahjong solitaire!

  • Rule 2

    rule 2

    You can only remove a tile if it's open on its left or right side. If a tile is locked from both left and right sides you can't remove it.

  • Rule 3

    rule 3

    There are four of each of these mahjong tiles on the board - choose wisely which ones to pair first.

  • Rule 4

    rule 4

    Four Seasons tiles are different. There's only one of each, but any season will match another season!

More information about the rules and strategy of playing mahjong in the section Game Rules

160 Layouts:

and much more - click "Layouts" in the game or go to the page with all layouts

Mahjong Tips and Tricks

  • Before making your first move in Mahjong Solitaire, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the board layout. You will certainly find some good opening moves. Note the special Mahjong tiles (Seasons and Flowers) locations - these ones can be a great help.
  • Always try to match pairs which lead to opening up most new tiles. There are pairs which don't open anything new - it would be a good idea to hold them in reserve and match with another tiles.
  • If you see three identical tiles which are free to match - either choose a pair which opens up most new tiles or look for a quick ways to free the fourth one and match all 4.
  • If you see four identical and free tiles - you're in luck! Match those combinations immediately.
  • Matching tiles on long horizontal line edges should be your priority as leaving those long lines will cause problems very soon.
  • Tall stacks of tiles are another key priority in Mahjong Solitaire games - not only they are hard to take apart but they can also contain two identical tiles one under another. If there are no such tiles outside the stack - you're out of luck.
  • Don't hesitate to use helpful features such as Undo and Hint.

Hotkeys and Settings on Everything for a Comfortable Mahjong Game

Discover the convenience and multifunctionality of controls in the classic game of 'mahjong' on Our platform offers intuitive hotkeys and a customizable settings panel that ensure a flawless gaming process and help improve your mahjong strategy. Use these features to make your game even more exciting and comfortable.

Mahjong Hotkeys:

  • P (Pause): Use this key to temporarily pause the game. It's a great way to take a break, think about your strategy, or just relax while still preserving your game progress.

  • Z (Step Back): This feature allows you to undo the last move, which is particularly useful if you've made a mistake or want to rethink your strategy.

  • H (Hint): Get a valuable hint when you're stuck or looking for a way to speed up the game. This feature will help you see available moves and can be key to your next successful step.

Mahjong Settings Panel:

  • Tile Color Scheme Selection: Our site offers a variety of color schemes to make the gaming process even more comfortable and pleasant for the eyes.

  • Background Color and Image Customization: Personalize your gaming space by choosing from a multitude of background options and color schemes to create the perfect atmosphere for your game.

  • Individual Game Settings: Customize the game to your preferences by selecting tile highlighting, reshuffling, and other options to create your unique gaming experience.

By using these control and setting tools, you will not only enhance your skills in the game of 'mahjong', but also derive maximum enjoyment from each game. Our site,, aims to provide you with the best gaming experience by combining classic mahjong traditions with modern technologies and a user-friendly interface.

Your Journey into the World of Mahjong with

Thank you for choosing for your adventures in the world of mahjong! We hope that our control settings and hotkeys will help you fully enjoy this thrilling game. Our site is constantly evolving, and we strive to provide you with the best gaming experience, combining traditional mahjong rules with innovative features and a user-friendly interface.

May each of your mahjong games be filled with strategic thinking, exciting moments, and, of course, enjoyment. We believe that our settings and control functions will add convenience and dynamics to your game, while our unique color schemes and backgrounds will make every visit to our site unforgettable.

We are always happy to help and make your time on even more enjoyable! If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit our frequently asked questions section.

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