Introducing the Global Mahjong Update

Description of the recent major Mahjong update on our website

Introducing the Global Mahjong Update

Over the past six months, we have done a lot of work to optimize Mahjong and our website,

We received a lot of feedback from players that the old version of the game was heavily taxing on devices and took a long time to load. It is important for us to create comfortable gaming conditions for our players, so we paid great attention to optimizing the game loading process.

We completely rewrote the game client, transitioning to more modern and faster technologies, and fully updated our website. Thanks to these changes, we managed to achieve a more than 2x increase in loading speed.

We also optimized the amount of content loaded by users. Now users only load the content they use, saving internet traffic on unnecessary files. This has significantly reduced the amount of data downloaded during the initial game load.

In addition to optimizing the website and Mahjong itself, we expanded the game's functionality. We added the ability to use hotkeys for hint activation (h), quick undo (z), and pause activation (p). Now you can comfortably use the game's features without being distracted by searching for necessary functions in the interface.


We paid special attention to the accessibility of our website for players with disabilities. In the new version, navigation blocks, website structure, and the game field are correctly vocalized. Therefore, navigating the website and playing will be much easier.

It is also worth noting that we added new sections to our website, such as: 'Frequently Asked Questions,' 'Game Rules,' 'All Layouts,' 'Blog.' Which we plan to expand and maintain. In these sections, you will find useful information about the game, as well as about planned updates and events.

An important part of the update was also expanding the supported languages package. In the new version, we added support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Indian languages.


We were able to make all these changes thanks to the support of our players. Every feedback from you influences the improvement of both the game and our website as a whole. We thank you for your support and understanding.

At the moment, we continue to work on optimizing the game, as well as solving problems with the game client in the new version. Despite thorough testing, some users encountered issues with loading the game. Unfortunately, we cannot predict and test all game launch scenarios. But we strive to make changes as promptly as possible. If you find that some game functionality is not working or causing an error, you can leave your feedback in the special form under the game. This will expedite our work in finding and resolving issues.

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